Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Greece - Piraeus, Athens, Delphi, Poros, Aegina (Part 2)

So the next day I went to the island of Poros with Mel and Alexis.  As I said, we woke up really early.  We left at 7am so we could take the 8am ferry.  We took a cab to the ticket station, got our roundtrip tickets, some breakfast (because we got off the ship before breakfast was open), and headed over to the ferry.  There are two ferries you can take here.  One is cheaper but slower, and the other is more expensive but faster.  We only have limited time here so we took the fast one, the hydrofoil.  Our first ferry was the flying dolphin.  Then we took the flying cat back and the next day 2 other flying dolphins (there’s a bunch of them).  Poros is beautiful.  We walked around and got some free internet because it was still early.  However, it was like 2am home so not very many people were on facebook.  We wanted to take this little happy train around the island but we didn’t know when it started or if you had to call (directions in Greek) and the people we asked didn’t know so we just walked around on our own.  We found a beach and went swimming.  The water was beautiful.  The sand was really soft and it very gradually got deeper so you didn’t really notice it.  So we hung out in the water and lying out on the sand, and went for some lunch.  We got really good omelets and fruit.  They don’t fold them in half here though.  They just mix all the stuff in and it ends up a circle like the pan.  That means there is more crispy part so it was really good.  So anyways, we just walked around and did some shopping until the ferry ride home.  We tried to change our ferry to the 8pm one instead of the 1pm one, but apparently it has to be changed at least an hour before the ferry so we missed it by like 10-15 min.  It worked out well because there wasn’t that much else to do besides more shopping, beach, and food. 

The next day I went to the island of Aegina with Mel, Alexis, and Alexander.  We took the 8am ferry again (still no ship breakfast), but didn’t have time to stop before, so we got breakfast when we got to the island.  More omelets that were still just as good.  But it was a plain omelet with cheese and tomatoes put on top.  We got around the island really quickly and found a beach somewhere farther out so it was emptier and went swimming.  There were a ton of black sea urchins everywhere.  The beach we found only had a few where there we rocks.  We found a little place that only involved stepping on a few pebbles to get to the water and then there was sand.  You walked past the sand, swam over rocks, and there was more sand deeper.  We went back to where the ferries were after seeing most of the island, had a quick snack, and took the ferry home. 

Greece was beautiful, especially the islands.  It was a lot of fun and once you got to the islands, it looked more like in the movies (ex. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or Mamma Mia).  We actually just left Egypt so I’m going to move on to the next few countries.

From the ship in the ocean between Egypt and Morocco, Sharon

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