Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Turkey - Istanbul, Gallipoli, Canakkale, Troy, Buyukada (part 2)

So we got some stuff from the Bazaar.  The first place we went to was this bag store, but we didn’t want to get stuff from the first place without looking around first.  But later we decided that place had the best stuff and the guy was nice and not creepy so we went back and I got 2 bags.  Later we went to the Spice Bazaar before going back to the ship.  We took the train thing (which was much better than on the way down.  Before it was really packed and you were way squished in with everyone.  The Spice Bazaar smelled so good.  There were just mounds of different spices on all of these tables inside and outside of the shops (keep in mind there are no doors – it’s just little room things (stress the little).  We got pasted just a shop or 2 and Lauryn took a picture of the spices.  One of the guys who worked there ran over next to the piles and said “I’m ready now”.  He motioned for me to come over with him for Lauryn to take a picture (I think she put it on facebook already) which he told me to label as my Turkish boyfriend haha.  Anyways, he gave us some Turkish Delights (Turkish candy – some kind of honey, gummy mixture with nuts covered in sugar).  Then he said to come in (if we have money).  He then proceeded to give us a ton of samples.  We got apple tea which they serve in these little glasses on a little dish which makes it hard to hold because the glass gets very hot.  By the way, I am now in love with apple tea.  It is like a mixture between tea and apple cider – so good.  There were all kinds of crazy tea flavors – apple, kiwi, mango, pomegranate, lemon, orange, etc.  I had picked the apple to buy at the Grand Bazaar because it was the most common, but once I tasted how good it is, I bought a bunch more.  So we got samples of the honey and nut Turkish delights, dried fruit pineapple (fresh and so good), pistachio baklava, and more.  It was funny because he was taking such good care of us.  Probably because we were buying a lot of the good stuff he gave us to try, but I think also because there were just 2 of us.  This other group of about 4 SAS girls came in after us and we got treated way better.  They would buy something and he would take out an extra one to give us as a sample.  They also got a combo bag of these dried fruits stuffed with nuts and these honey, fig, chocolate mixture covered in nuts.  Lauryn and I decided they looked good so we got some, too.  They got one of everything so we asked how much for that, and he gave us the price so we said we wanted it also.  He said “For you, I give you 2 of everything.”  He even threw in some dried kiwi for me because I wanted to taste that.  We also got fresh apple tea and the honey nut Turkish delights.  He vacuum sealed everything so it should last until we get home.  So then we went back to the ship because we had to get ready for the Sufi Dervish ceremony.

That night was the Sufi Dervish Ceremony.  It was really cool.  There were these guys playing instruments and singing and then the Whirling Dervishes came out and did this ceremony thing.  Then they started spinning.  They just spun around and around for such a long time (like an hour).  I have video and pictures.  Apparently they learn how to do this by putting a pin or needle in the ground and putting it between their toes so that they have to spin in the same place and don’t travel – ouch.  It was really cool because if you don’t look at their feet, it looks like they are just on a revolving ground because they don’t move at all except their feet (they wear these dress things that go out when they spin).  Their feet are really rhythmic too because one just turns and the other pushes around in a circle.  Apparently someone already posted a video on youtube.

From the MV Explorer on the ocean somewhere between Egypt and Morocco, Sharon

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