Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Almost to Spain

Tomorrow we will be arriving in Cadiz, Spain.  I'm very excited, but I do have a lot to do before we get there.  I think I need to work on not trying to do everything because I'm already starting to get overbooked.  Story of my life.  All the extra things aren't mandatory and don't take up that much time, so it is not a big deal.  I'm working with the Students Of Service (SOS) on planning for the service visits that people can do in the countries we are going to.  I am also working with them on a workshop about community involvement as a student.  Also, the journalist lady on our ship knows some guy from the Hartford Current and he wants people from CT (esp that area) to send him stuff (I think for the blog that he does).  I don't know how much of a writer I am, but he is looking for pictures and videos and stuff too so I e-mailed him today and we'll see what happens with that.  I also met one of the parents on the ship today (cute little baby girl and an about 3 year old girl) and he said the children's stuff will start after Spain so I can't wait for that.  They are all so cute!
We had a dance the other night ("rock the boat dance").  It was pretty funny becuase it was in the Union at the front of the ship so it was hard enough to stand still at certain times. Plus they didn't even play "I'm on a boat" - probably because they get picky about it being a ship haha.
Here are the trips I am doing for Spain (SAS 2009 International Field Program):
Depart for a 30-minute ride by motorcoach to Chiclana and arrive to the bullfighting ring where the flamenco show takes place. Prior to the flamenco show, enjoy a welcome drink and view an exhibition of spear cow taming, an amateur bullfight with young bulls (bloodless), and a horse and flamenco spectacle. The first flamenco show is followed by a rest time for the dancers and then a second flamenco show with guests’ participation. (A welcome drink and appetizers are included.)
Day 1: Proceed by motorcoach to Sevilla (two hours) to visit the Cathedral of Christendom, which houses the tomb of Christopher Columbus, and the Alcázar. Built originally as a fort in 913, the Alcázar has been adapted and/or enlarged in almost every century since. Today it is more of a palace than a fort and is a beautiful and intriguing place. Walk through Santa Cruz Quarter, the old Jewish area of the city. Drive through the new, cosmopolitan section of the city and view the site of the Universal Exhibition Sevilla 92 and Torre del Oro, the great Tower of Gold landmark. Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant and some free time in Parque de Maria Luisa and Plaza de España. Proceed to Córdoba for dinner and overnight. (L, D; area hotel)
Day 2: An intensive morning excursion in Córdoba includes visits to Mezquita, a mosque intended to surpass all other mosques in grandeur; the Alcázar, constructed for the Catholic Monarchs in 1328; and Judería, Córdoba’s medieval Jewish Quarter. Drive to Granada for dinner and overnight. (B, L, D; area hotel)
Day 3: Morning sightseeing in Granada includes a visit to the famous Alhambra fortress-complex. Return to the hotel for lunch before departing for Cádiz. (B, L)"
Should be fun. Plus I have all of the first day to explore Cadiz until the flamenco trip.
Also, I need to give a shout out to Deena and Emily KJ for being the first 2 friends to e-mail me here.  Also - Danielle, I am paying attention to what is being posted in that facebook thread because I get the e-mail that tells me, but I can't go online to respond.  I wish I was with you so that I could here these stories in person.  And as always, hi to Mom, Dad, and Amy - love you!  I miss you all, but I am having a blast. Ok going to do work now, honest.
From the ocean close to Spain, Sharon


  1. shaz yes i finally figured out how to comment on this!

    1) thanks for the shout out, i'll try not to be too offended that you found another lauren, but if i find out you're lighting cheetos on that boat or ship or whatever I WILL FIND YOU.

    2) sounds like you're doing a ton of cool stuff so thats great! you're not missing a whole lot state side.

    random side note: you should know that i posted on this thing about three times but none of them worked, wich explains this awkward nonsensical post i'm leaving you. just trust me that the other ones were wittier.


  2. ahh! your plans sound so exicting!! spain should be beautiful.

    how DARE they not play "i'm on a boat"?!

  3. sevilla was the most beautiful place that i've been to!! you wiill love it and i'm sure the rest of spain will be ballin' too.