Monday, June 15, 2009

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I arrived in Halifax last night with my mom. There's a ton of SAS people staying at our hotel. It's cool because anywhere you go - elevator, lobby, dock by the boat, etc. - people are like "are you on SAS?" Everyone seems nice so I'm getting more excited. My mom was awake before me this morning (no surprise haha) so she actually met a bunch of people before I did. Today we got everything finalized and we went to go see the boat - it's big lol!
Tonight I'm going to meet up with some people for dinner and my mom's going to a parent's event on the boat so she can look around. P.S. my dad and I switched phones for the summer b/c his is international capable so when you text me, you are actually texting him. Email me if you want to say something please.

1 comment:

  1. I need that cell phone number. Haha, I love that your mom woke up before you. So she woke up before 3pm? Sounds awesome! I will miss you so much! I hope you find a wacky cute brunette with a unique freckle patch to temporarily replace me with. :-(

    Love you!! xoxo