Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Me Encanta Espana - Cadiz, Sevilla, Cordoba, y Granada (part 1)

So I figured I should finish my Spain updates before we get to Italy (which is tomorrow!!!!).
My next trip was to Sevilla, Cordoba, and Granada.  We got back the night before at about 11pm and by the time we got back on the ship and settled and I finished packing it was almost 2 when I get to sleep (normally fine but keep in mind I've been sleep deprived for a week.  I always set two alarms just in case (at home/ school I turn mine up louder but I can't control the sound on these so I set my alarm and my watch).  They both always go off and I wake up no problems.  Well on this morning I had to be in the union by 7:30 with my passport because we were leaving at 8am.  Turns out I had set my alarm but not turned it on and my watch alarm got set forward and hour.  I woke up at 7:22 (at least it wasn't later) and panicked.  Thankfully, I had packed the night before and picked out my clothes so I ran down 8 minutes later on the dot and got to the union where people we're signing in yet.  Oh, and I had realized that I put my tube top on inside out but I didn't have time to fix it so I had to go to the bathroom once I got to the union to change.  Then we started signing in and I realized I didn't have my passport.  So I ran downstairs, realized I needed my ship ID card, ran upstairs, ran back downstairs and stood in line to get my passport (the ship hold them for you.  Thankfully, dock time (if you are late you have to sit on the boat at the next port for a certain amount of time before you can get off - ex. one hour late = 12 hours of dock time) wasn't given out unless you were there after 8 when we were supposed to leave.  There were a few people who didn't make it at all (one got a bus and joined us in Sevilla).   Oh, btw, I looked like a zebra because I had been wearing a spaghetti strap tank top and a backpack and get lots of tan lines the day before.
So once I was all settled on the bus everything went well.  We took about a 2 hr bus ride to Sevilla.  Here we went in the Cathedral of Christendom with Christopher Columbus's tomb and we went in the Alcazar palace/ fort.  (Just as an fyi, I am reading this off of the itinerary because I honestly don't remember what we did where - labeling pictures is going to be fun haha - I labeled them Spain and don't know how to do more than that).  The buildings in Spain are AMAZING.  The cathedrals, mosques, palaces, etc. are all so incredible.  I took pictures and videos but you really can't even understand from looking at them.  The ceilings are all sooo sooo high and they have such intricate designs.  The walls are like that too.  Almost every space is covered in really detailed carvings tiles it is so cool.  We ate lunch at this place and just got lots and lots of tapas but they were really good.  I tried calamari (still not a big fan) but the tortilla espana was my favorite (like a soufflĂ© with potatoes).  We also had olives and mushrooms and asparagus and prochuto (please excuse the horrible spelling - I don't have time to look it up) and chicken and pork and bread and wine and lots of good stuff.  Then we walked through Santa Cruz Quarter, the old Jewish area.  Then we drove around and saw more of the city. Apparently we saw the Torre del oro and walked around the Parque de Maria Luisa and Plaza de Espana.  Ok, if it says so - it kind of all blurs together.  We had a little free time to shop but only like 20 minutes.  Our trip was so jam packed that we would be on the tour and they would say ok you have 15 minutes.  One time we got 1 minute to take some pictures and one time we got 5 min.  Then we drive like another 2 hrs on the bus to Cordoba.  We did some shopping (got lots of cute clothes).  First we were trying to find a cell phone store so that we could figure out why our international phones weren't picking up a signal anywhere in Spain.  We went into this store called Orange and the lady was really nice.  I was doing okay with my Spanish but then there was one word that I didn't know and so she started typing on the computer.  She got to a translation website and typed in the Spanish sentences and translated it to English and showed us.  She basically said to call Verizon.  So later we went to get a bite to eat and a drink.  We went to this kind of coffee shop type thing with like 3 tables in it and got some pastries and beverages and relaxed.  The guy working there was really nice and was talking to us.  I don't know what I'm going to do now that the other countries don't speak Spanish.  We were reading the labels on the sodas and one thing was energia so we were asking what that was and he said energy which is what we thought so we were thinking maybe caffeine.  When we went to get up there was this guy at the other table who had been sitting there and he invited us to his discoteca.  He as the dj.  We were talking in Spanish and then he said "DJ" and I was like - I don't know what that word is.  Then one of my friends who doesn't speak Spanish was like - you mean a DJ like with music.  haha I was thinking so much in Spanish I got confused.  But he wrote down all the info.  We didn't end up going but it was still nice to talk with people who live there. Then we ate dinner, did some more shopping until the stores closed, and walked around a lot.  There were two guys working at the store (they stayed open way late for us :)) and I was trying to talk in Spanish about and one was having trouble.  Then the other guy asked me in English if we were looking for other stores (they were all pretty much closed by then).  Then we went outside and talked with this guy for a while.  He speaks Mandarin and English and Spanish so we could talk in English. 
Ok, time for lunch so I will talk about Cordoba later.
From the Mediterranean waters close to ITALY, Sharon

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